South Texas District | VISION 7
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1,000 People in Ministry Training

Reach for 1,000 people in ministry training in the Local Churches. This can include training in Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Worship Ministry, Ladies Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Ushers/Hostess training, etc. As more local people are trained, the greater the reach of the local church.

Infuse and Unite English and Spanish Speaking Ministries

Further infuse and unite our English- and Spanish- ministries. The South Texas District is unique in that we have a concentration of Spanish-speaking people in our district and a large number of Spanish-speaking ministers and churches. The district has a robust Spanish Ministry that supports all areas of the local church. We cannot let different languages limit our effectiveness, so we will look for ways to infuse and unite these areas.

700 Credentialed Ministers

We presently are just short of 500 credentialed ministers in the district. This means that we will strive to prepare an additional 200 ministers for the work of the Gospel. The chief means is always the local pastor laying his hands on people who could be used in the harvest and mentoring them. Methods such as CTM, Purpose Institute, and Ministry Central will be important in this area.

Target Areas to Strengthen Apostolic Presence

The addition of the new sections gives immediate focus to areas that need to be strengthened. The Eagle Ford Shale section will be of concern to all of our churches and ministers. Plus, 24 of the 75 counties in our district still do not have a work of any sort. Each of us can target one or more areas to lend our efforts.

Grow to 500 Works

We presently have a little over 300 works (churches, daughter works, and preaching points). This “God-Initiative” only becomes attainable as we target areas that need strengthening and seek for more laborers in the harvest.

Form New Regions and Functioning Sections

Rather than drawing boundaries for regions, the district is moving major events to “regional hub cities” that are within driving distance of our local churches.

Reach Out to Other Apostolic Groups

There are people all around us in this district who are searching for greater fellowship and united efforts. There are denominational pastors who need a friend. Iron must come in contact with iron to be sharpened. Who is within our reach or influence?

VISION 7 Packet Download

Download the Vision 7 Packet including: Letter from District Superintendent, Vision 7 details, and Section Planning. Click Here or the graphic above to download.